Friday, July 30, 2010

Proud Mama!

I find it really thrilling when my kids choose food that is "weird" for kids to like. It really reinforces sticking to good food choices for me because it demonstrates how their tastes are being shaped. We broke open the cases of sardines and oysters for breakfast today and they were a success! Well, the oysters were a known quantity since it was already our favorite brand that we stock up on whenever we are in a city with a Trader Joes, but the sardines were a gamble. I have to say I am not actually loving them too much myself, but the kids love them, so that's a win. These particular sardines are a little too smoky and dry, as well as being much smaller than I would prefer, so I am afraid I will continue to pillage the shelves of Trader Joes next time we are in Seattle. sigh.

My absolute favorite sardines (so far, but I mean, who knows, we are becoming a family of connoisseurs!) are the lightly smoked in olive oil, in the pink tin, from TJ's. Oh how I wish we lived closer to one now... Right, so anyway, the Trader Joe's ones are perfect. Just the right size, which is to say, large enough to eat the top half of, then the bones, then the bottom half, and no off tastes. I meant to take a picture of the actual sardines, but I ate them. oops.

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